About Team National

Thanks for checking out Team National. I joined Team National because as an investor, when I see an opportunity to invest in something without the possibility of losing my money and only the potential for a great possible gain, I do it!! Team National was a no-brainer decision for myself. When I looked at Team National, I was hesitant at first because I have seen many direct marketing companies and none of them seemed like a good deal. Most direct marketing is about pushing a particular product or line of products. The difference in Team National is that your are not selling a particular product but rather saving money on products you are already buying!


Team National has 3 main benefits:

1. Save money on everyday purchases on items from stores you are already buying. (i.e. Best Buy, Target, Kohl’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, AT&T phone bill, and many, many more…)

For example I’m going to be able to save over $200 a year just on my phone bill. I’m also doing some remodeling on my house and I will be able to save over $500 on the supplies I need from Lowe’s or Home Depot. These are just some examples but the wide variety of saving is really amazing.

2. Get great discounts on furniture, appliances, flooring, auto and home insurance, discount health benefits, and many others…

3. Great potential for incredible income by simply sharing the saving benefits you would receive with your friends and family.

*** NOTE: These are just some of the benefits of joining Team National. Individuals with business can get even more benefits!!



To learn more please watch the following videos:

1. Explanation of the company and the great opportunity plus some testimonials:

2. Testimonials:

You can watch more testimonials at my Team National Website. Click the link below and browse using the left and right arrows on the testimonial section (section #1).
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